Your car´s paintwork needs repair? You have special requests for your paintwork? We can do it! We have a solution for all your wishes. We fulfil the strict VOC laws and use paints on waterbasis and solvent reduced basic materials.

  • car painting
  • metallic, pearl and special paints
  • effect paints
  • The Mercedes SL 190 project

    The Mercedes-Benz 190SL is a legendary, elegant convertible. Our client took on the task of restoring the popular vehicle. He gave us his confidence from, and was not disappointed. Within several weeks, we took care of the rust from angeknabbnertes sheet. Subsequently, the 190SL was painted original. Now the vehicle may be obsolete. Thanks to our professional team of the owner for a long time will have fun with the Mercedes. There are more pictures on our Facebook profile.

Shades of colour

We are able to achieve any shade of colour according to your individual requirements. Newest techniques, aids and appliances help us avoid any problem concerning shades. We are one of the few experts in the region who can measure shades electronically. Due to our longterm cooperation and we are also able to reproduce almost any shade of colour.

Industrial paintwork

We gladly give you our advice concerning the manifold possibilities of paintwork. We offer you a wide range of services: furniture, machines or single parts and small series..

  • single parts and small series
  • metal casings
  • furniture
  • steel components

Repair of minor defects

Minor defects can be repaired in an uncomplicated way.. By using the Smart Repair method, we are able to offer you a repair service at a low price which takes the current value of your vehicle into account.

Polishing and cleaning

Your vehicle needs a little care? No problem! We can make it shine again!

  • professional cleaning outside
  • professional cleaning inside
  • polishing
  • mending of paint damages