We repair vehicles of all brands and use original spare parts to ensure quality and safety. We gladly give you our assistance concerning damage claims and will handle all matters with your insurance company. You bring us your damaged vehicle and we take care of everything else.

  • estimate of costs (on the basis of Audatex Schwacke and manufacturer guidelines)
  • assistance concerning damage claims
  • expert assessment, digital photo documentation of damage(s), car rental servic
  • towing service

We´ll find a competent solution. Let us work for you!

  • Example of our Bodywork Repair

    Find out how we repair Dodge Ram 2500 damaged car body after an accident in few digital pictures. No repair is too big or small for us. These can include heavy front, side or rear end.
    Dodge RAM 2500 was delivered on a recovery truck. The repair is authorised by insurance company. All parts are ordered and after that the vehicle was repaired professionally. We used original spare parts to ensure quality and safety. A correctly done collision repair brings the car to the same specifications in look and safety that it had when it was originally built.

The Mercedes SL 190 Restoration

The legendary Mercedes SL190. We have the task of getting the car to restore. We do not do things by half and went to the substance. Our experts are committed to the separation. After painstaking review of the body rust was quickly found and eliminated after extensive work. But see it for yourself

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Towing Service / Car Rental

Car accident? Do you need to pick up your car? Need a rental car? You’re in the right hands. We are proud to provide you with the assistance you need. We offer the flatbed towing service and rental car service.

Smooth removal of dents

Small dents or damages caused by hail will be removed at a moderate price by using special tools. However, we can only use these tools, if there are no defects to the paintwork and no dents in the vicinity of the embossed edges.

We`ll be pleased to give you assistance!

Car windows

A small damage in your car´s front window e.g. caused by small stones may look harmless. However, cracks and further damage may occur easily. You have a small damage in your front, side, or rear window? No problem, we can either repair or replace them.

We offer you several solutions at moderate prices:


The replacement of your car window is for your safety. We can replace your window fast and reliably.


In most cases small damages can easily be repaired. We use a special technique and the costefficient repair only takes little time, but can prevent worse damage.

The damage must not exceed the size of about 2,5 cm in diametre. It must be about 10 cm from the rim of the window, and the driver´s sight area must be about 30 cm in diametre.